What is the difference?

DL - Distributed Learning

D2L - Desire to Learn (Desire2Learn)

DL - Distributed Learning

Distributed Learning (DL) takes place when:
  • a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher,
  • whether he/she is at home; or
  • connected to teachers from another learning facility.

DL gives both rural and urban students improved access, more choice, and flexibility to learn outside classroom schedules. The vision for DL is to provide a quality, dynamic and engaging learning environment that all students can access.

Distributed Learning is a model by which learning and teaching is distributed across a variety of delivery formats and mediums - print, digital (online) and traditional delivery methods - allowing students and their teachers to be separated by time and/or location.

Distributed Learning Graph from Foothills School Division


How to creat a DL environment:

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D2L - Desire to Learn (Desire2Learn)

D2L is a course management system. It's a relatively easy way to create a course web site. A D2L course site allows "anytime, anywhere" access to syllabi, readings, multi-media files, electronic dropboxes, online quizzes, email, grading, student progress reports, project files, etc.


Desire2Learn, also called D2L or Online Classroom, is a Web-based program that enables students to communicate with each other and their teachers through discussion boards, submit assignments, download lectures, see their grades, and more – all in one place.

Example of D2L site


Websites for D2L: