Pillars to 21st Century Schools

There are five pillars that provide the foundation for 21st century learning environments. Each pillar needs to work in concert with the others for a true transformation to occur. The pillars are the following:

  • Flexibility of Design (For example: use of building spaces, individual and collaborative learning spaces, library, aesthetics, classrooms)
  • Flexibility of Time (For example: length/scheduling of classes, collaborative time built into schedule for students/staff to work together, scheduling classes outside the regular school day, independent study in core classes)
  • Tools for Learning (For example: use of technology and one-to-one computers, other tools you need)
  • Communities for Learning (For example: involvement with community at large, partnerships with post secondary institutions and businesses, professional partnerships between teachers/students and other professionals in community etc.)
  • Policy (For example: what rules and regulations would you change to enhance your learning?)


Paper written by Dr. Fansher:

Websites to aid in forming 21st Learning Environments: